In total, alcohol, tobacco and illicit drug use exacts more than $700 billion annually in costs related to crime, lost work productivity and health care. For every $1 invested into prevention and early treatment programs, up to $10 can be saved in costs related to substance use disorders.

ASAM supports a wide variety of measures to prevent alcohol- and other drug-related problems, understanding that carefully thought-out prevention measures have demonstrably reduced the early onset of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use and addiction in some populations and contributed to a reduction in deaths and serious injury resulting from drug-related illnesses and accidents.

ASAM advocates for public awareness of addiction as a chronic disease, the inclusion of education related to addiction in medical and other health professional school curricula, mandatory training for all prescribers of controlled substances and expanded use of naloxone as measures that can help prevent risky substance use, the disease of addiction and related overdose deaths.

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