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Addiction is a primary, chronic brain disease that has become a public health emergency throughout the United States. ASAM advocates for public policies that work to educate the public, patients, clinicians and policymakers about addiction and ensure that individuals are able to access treatments that have been proven to be effective at reducing overdose deaths and supporting individuals in recovery.

With the rise of the opioid overdose epidemic, ASAM is committed to advocating for policies to grow the addiction medicine workforce by integrating addiction medicine into medical school and residency curricula and incentivizing clinicians to work in programs and practices that specialize in the treatment of substance use disorder and addiction.

What is Addiction?

Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry.

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Featured Public Policy Statements



Learn more about ASAM's position on E-Cigarettes as a potential harm reduction strategy and for smoking cessation.

The Role of Recovery in Addiction Care

In ASAM’s definition, recovery from addiction is an active process of continual growth that addresses the biological, psychological, social and spiritual disturbances inherent in addiction.

Substance Use, Misuse, and Use Disorders During and Following Pregnancy, with an Emphasis on Opioids

Learn more about ASAM's policy recommendations on substance use, misuse, and SUDs during and following pregnancy.


Use of Naloxone for the Prevention of Opioid Overdose Deaths

See ASAM's policy recommendations on Naloxone prescribing, training, and use.  

"When something is stigmatized nobody wants to bring it up,
so therefore people who need the help are less willing to come forward."

Dr. Corey Waller, MD, MS, FACEP, DFASAM
Chair of ASAM's Legislative Advocacy Committee


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Learn more about the three medications currently approved by the FDA to treat opioid use disorder.

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How is the opioid overdose epidemic affecting your state?


Check out this CDC report and learn more about effective strategies to prevent opioid overdose in your community.


Learn more about the growing problem of controlled substance diversion from presentations made at the DEA Practitioner Diversion Awareness Conference


Learn more about how ASAM is working to educate the next generation of addiction medicine professionals.

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