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The purpose of the Payer Relations Committee (PRC) is to be proactive and to respond to policies by public payers (e.g., Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare), private payers (e.g., national, regional and local insurers) and purchasers of health care goods and services (e.g., employers, collective bargaining units) that limit patient access to quality addiction treatment. The PRC frequently addresses payers, policymakers, and regulators through comment letters, regulatory comments, and in other requests for information. The Committee also focuses on the practice management needs (e.g., billing, coding, reimbursement) of addiction medicine specialty practices by developing educational resources and advocating for billing codes that accurately reflect the time, complexity, and practice expenses of physicians to assure that they can deliver optimal quality care for the patients they serve.


Frank James, MD, JD, FASAM


Wendy Welch, MD


  • Bobby Kearny, MD, FASAM
  • David Muzina, MD
  • Joel Brill, MD
  • Judith Overton, MD
  • Mario San Bartolome, MD, FASAM
  • Martin Klos, MD, FASAM
  • Andrey Ostrovsky, MD
  • Michael Frost, MD, FASAM
  • Michael Sprintz, DO, FASAM
  • Paul Katz, DO
  • Ross Hoffman, MD
  • Shawn Ryan, MD, FASAM
  • Westley Clark, MD, JD, DFASAM