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Biography - R. Jeffrey Goldsmith, MD, DLFAPA, DFASAM

Education history
Dr. Goldsmith began his addiction medicine career in 1974 as a medical student, learning about the disease of alcoholism as a counselor for one of the Department of Transportation’s Alcohol Safety Action Projects. He received his medical training at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine from 1973-1977 and finished his residency in Psychiatry at UC in 1981. His undergraduate degree was in Honors History from the University of Michigan 1968-71. He did his pre-med work at Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1972-73.

Employment history
Starting with his residency in Psychiatry in 1977 until 1994 when he joined the VA hospital full time, Dr Goldsmith had a fairly complicated career that included a variety of roles in a variety of combinations. He was medical director of the Alcoholism Clinic from 1980-81 and its Clinical Director from 1981-1994. During this time, he worked for several years on a grant that addressed high risk teenagers in an urban Appalachian community, collaborated with a culturally specific addiction pregnancy residential program, and went through a 14 week experience training program for cultural identity in the bicultural world. From 1981-1994, Dr. Goldsmith also split his time between the VA and private practice.

In 1994 Dr. Goldsmith joined the VA fulltime. From 1994-2009, he split his time between Dual Diagnosis Services and other duties including all of the psychiatric consultations for the hospital (1994-1997) and research with the Clinical Trials Network (1995-2009). He was an active member of Cincinnati’s NIDA research group, and Cincinnati’s principal investigator for its pivotal study of buprenorphine/naloxone for opiate addiction. Cincinnati was one of 3 sites reviewed by the FDA as part of their decision to approve buprenorphine for the treatment of opiate dependence. Dr Goldsmith also created an integrated Primary Care Mental Health program with the director of Primary Care, initiated in 2007 and still active.

Currently Dr. Goldsmith works in the VA PostTraumatic Stress Clinic in Cincinnati VAMC, handling traumatic brain injury PTSD patients in residential and outpatient status. He is certified to treat PTSD using Prolonged Exposure Therapy by the Veterans Administration and National PTSD Center.

Dr. Goldsmith has been involved in teaching throughout his career. During the 1980’s he was an integral contributor to the residency-training program in Psychiatry. In the College of Medicine he gave lectures to first and second year students about addictions and ran a third year elective with 8 students per rotation, teaching outpatient counseling of alcohol dependent individuals and integrating AA attendance. He created a summer job for medical students entering their 2nd year, training them in counseling for excessive drinking following DUI’s.

In 1994, Dr. Goldsmith developed an ACGME accredited Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship and the following year was funded by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs for a two year Addiction Medicine Fellowship. He holds the title of Professor of Clinical Psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Cincinnati. He was addiction fellowship director from 1989 to 2007 and continues to teach in three fellowships: Psychiatry, Medicine and ABAM. He currently teaches Psychiatry Residents in several courses.

ASAM involvement
Dr. Goldsmith joined ASAM in 1984, became ASAM certified in 1986 and got his CAQ in Addiction Psychiatry in 1994. He has been on the CME committee since then, and was its chair for nine years from 2000-2009. He was Region IV Director for the Board from 1993-2000 and Director at Large from 2004-2011. He was an active participant of the Nicotine Dependence Committee (chairing the program committee for the 1999 and 2001 conferences). Since 2009 he has been Medical Education Council co-chair. Dr Goldsmith is a Fellow of ASAM and a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.