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Biography - Brent E. Boyett, DO, DMD, DFASAM


Dr. Brent Boyett was trained as a general dentist and is board certified in Family Medicine as a physician. He practiced both dentistry and primary care medicine until he discovered his passion in the field of addiction medicine in 2008. He became board certified in Addiction Medicine and has distinguished himself as a speaker, researcher and thought leader in the field of addiction medicine.

As a researcher, Dr. Boyett has served as principle investigator in several clinical trials and has also served as a clinical advisor for the pharmaceutical industry aiding in the development of new treatment options for addictive disorders.

He is a public speaker dedicated to the effort of educating the healthcare community and the public at large on the disease model of substance used disorders and to help remove the stigma of addiction.

Dr. Boyett is a former president of The Alabama Osteopathic Medical Association and the current president of the Alabama Society of Addiction Medicine. In his role as ALSAM president, his top priorities include the effort to fully implement Parity Law and to bring addiction medicine into the mainstream of the healthcare system ultimately improving access to care for patients in need.

In 2017, Dr. Boyett was appointment by Alabama Governor Robert Bentley to serve on the Governor’s Task Force on Opioid Addiction and Abuse. This committee is made up of leaders from the state’s criminal justice system, public and mental health systems and medical profession with the assignment of combating Alabama’s opioid abuse crisis. In August Alabama Governor Kay Ivey re-confirmed this appointment.

Recognizing the extreme unmet need for access to outpatient addiction treatment, Dr. Boyett established Pathway Partners Addiction Medicine, now known as Pathway Healthcare, an evidence based model for outpatient treatment of addictive disorders.

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