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Biography - Andreas Edrich, MD, FASAM

EdrichAndreas-wwwI was born in Charlottesville, Virginia to two educators who had just moved to this country from Germany. My father was a biomedical professor at the University of Virginia and my mother was a school teacher. I was raised in Virginia and then moved to Denver, Colorado at an early age and have resided there ever since. My career aspirations began very early in elementary school as the only seriously pre-dental elementary school student ever. In fact, I was so serious about dentistry that throughout my middle and high school years I worked in many dental offices but was eventually steered into the direction of medicine by many disgruntled dentists who felt that I would have more options in medicine. Luckily I listened. In my following high school and college summers, I worked in hospitals in Germany and even had the opportunity to work in India for a few months. My later education was done at the University of Colorado, Boulder followed by the University of Colorado medical school in 1997. By the end of medical school it had become clear to me that primary care medicine would be my path. I had struggled a bit in deciding my specialty as I found a great passion for psychiatry but was eventually able to integrate this into my primary care practice which now consists of 50% mental health cases. Around 2009 I joined the ASAM and began my educational path into Addiction Medicine which has been my passion ever since. The path to Addiction Medicine seemed to be a completely natural one based on my desires and skills, and once I had grown into this field, it dawned on me that the problems of addiction were never even once discussed in medical school. Seeing my patients recover and regain their lives really stimulated my interest in aggressively pushing the educational component about the realities of addiction to both the general community and also our peers. I put great effort into becoming a liaison that links our fellow physicians to the world of deserving and desperate addicted patients.