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Timothy Gammons, DO, FASAM

Candidate for Region VI Director

Biography and Statement


1. What are your greatest contributions to ASAM and the field of addiction medicine?

My greatest contribution to ASAM and the field of addiction medicine is my nearly 20 year service down in the trenches treating real people with substance use disorder. I’ve been on the front lines my entire career. I started as a resident moonlighting in a methadone clinic in 2000. As a young doctor I was confounded and intrigued by this unique patient population. I quickly recognized addiction to be a behavioral issue and a mental health issue. Consistent with my life philosophy -anything worth doing is worth doing well- I decided to become ASAM certified. I began attending ASAM CMEs, became one of the first DATA 2000 waivered doctors in the nation, and set out to become eligible to take the ASAM certification exam.

Two years out of residency in 2003 I founded Gammons Medical, a solo private practice. As a board certified Family Medicine Physician I expected to do primary care with a niche specialty practicing my passion- addiction medicine. Never in a million years did I envision growth which has resulted in four offices, three full time physicians, seven mid-levels, and two full time masters level counselors. Thanks to great local mentorship plus inspiration from Ed Salsitz and other ASAM all-time greats, I was encouraged to be an innovative thinker. I developed a vision and confidence that emboldened me. It is with humble appreciation that I can say we have an incredible team of clinicians that share my passion for our medical specialty and provide help to over 700 patients per week in the metropolitan Detroit area.

With growth comes responsibility. I was honored to be nominated as president-elect of the Michigan chapter of ASAM (MiSAM). As the newly installed MiSAM President I appreciate our strong team of experienced leaders. The recent ASAM leadership conference and Hill Day was awesome and inspirational. To see the ASAM leadership in action was impressive. It is the main reason I’m running for this ASAM position today. I need to play a bigger role in the ASAM mission.

I am an effective communicator as a clinician and an educator. I speak at state level CME conferences and other venues to educate clinicians about our important medical specialty. I have developed a meaningful relationship with the editorial board at The Detroit News and have had three articles published within the last two years regarding the opioid epidemic. My work ethic and vision as the founder and principal of a successful medical practice speaks for itself. I have built diverse coalitions and professional relationships resulting in legitimate treatment outcomes.

The most meaningful outcome is the honor and privilege to treat addicted patients that want legitimate help. I have a special interest in the severely afflicted patient. Those with a strong family history, early life trauma, co-occurring psych diagnoses, and poly drug issues. Such patients are often marginalized. Though challenging, this is an incredibly important patient population. When treated with ethical care consistent with well established guidelines of our field, such patients can get getter. To be a part of their success is, for me, magic. The benefit to the patient, their family, and society is immeasurable. I could not be part of the magic without ASAM’s guidance. The gravitas involved in valuable, ethical care of these fragile and courageous patients is immense. It is my greatest contribution to the field of addiction medicine.

2. How would your election benefit ASAM and the field of addiction medicine?

ASAM and the field of addiction would benefit from my election due to my varied and vast experience as an addiction medicine specialist. I have been in private practice since 2003. Early in my career I was a staff physician at Brighton Center for Recovery, a renowned inpatient facility in metropolitan Detroit. While there I was mentored by the most respected thought leaders in the state and I developed a thorough understanding of recovery in a traditional, meaningful sense. A true recovery oriented system of care remains the core philosophy that guides me and the growth of our private practice, Gammons Medical.

I founded my solo private practice, Gammons Medical, in 2003 with an unwavering mission to provide the utmost ethical and valuable patient care consistent with evidence based standards of care of addiction medicine. Through pure serendipity, demand for addiction treatment became unprecedented due to the opioid crisis. Demand coincided with the advent of new and unique pharmacologic treatment options. It was an exciting time for a young, energetic doctor to be an addiction medicine specialist.

Inspired to become certified by examination by the American Society of Addiction Medicine, I attended as many CME events as feasible and I was not shy about picking the brains of our national thought leaders. I took this knowledge back to my private practice and experienced the joy of treating addiction. As demand continued to grow I faced a choice; provide treatment for those who want help, or turn people away. I chose the former. My bold and innovative vision for growth continues to meet demand and we have four busy offices with ten providers and two masters level counselors. Throughout this journey I have developed great working relationships with a diverse group of administrators, politicians, and other influencers that appreciate the good, ethical care we provide.

I am an effective communicator. As MiSAM president I have been interviewed by media outlets and asked to speak at state level CME conferences to educate clinicians about our important medical specialty. I lecture and consult for Orexo pharmaceuticals on a national scale I have cultivated a relationship with the editorial board at The Detroit News and as a result I am a published author. I am a certified expert witness having worked with several attorneys, and I am a consultant and auditor for several corporate entities.

Though I have a plethora of experience and knowledge as a result of my diverse work experience, I have never strayed from my passion- direct patient care. Despite the profound responsibilities of running with my own practice, lecturing, consulting, and serving as MiSAM president, I must remain involved with direct patient care. It keeps my clinical skills sharp, gives me valuable perspective as an leader, and most importantly- I love treating patients.

My work ethic and vision as the founder and principal of a successful medical practice speaks for itself; I have the proven ability to build an effective working team and maintain meaningful professional relationships. I have experience in the inpatient arena. I’ve been honored to lecture and teach, I have been published, and I have experience as a corporate consultant. The varied experience I have as a clinician, educator, private sector entrepreneur, and public servant via my MiSAM presidency makes me uniquely qualified to be a valuable asset to the great professional society that is ASAM.

Biographical Sketch

I founded Gammons Medical in 2003. A traditional model of recovery was my inspiration and remains the core philosophy that guides me. Gammons Medical has grown to four locations with multiple board-certified physicians, mid-levels, and counselors. We now serve upwards of 700 patients per week. I have the proven ability to build meaningful working relationships, see innovative ideas to fruition, and sustain a productive professional culture. I provide strong leadership but retain the humility to remain teachable.

I am an ASAM Fellow, an ABAM Diplomate, a lecturer, consultant, and published author. I was installed this year as the MiSAM chapter president. As a Regional Director, I will use my energy and vision to fortify the standing of Addiction Medicine within the healthcare industry and work to strengthen our important medical specialty. I ask for the privilege to serve our membership.