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Keyghobad Farid Araki, MD, FRCPC, ABAM, FASAM

Candidate for Region IX Director

Biography and Statement


1. What are your greatest contributions to ASAM and the field of addiction medicine?

As an active member of ASAM since 2010 and Addiction doctor since 2005, working in two different countries (Iran and Canada since 2006) and multiple levels (inpatient, outpatient and ED),I believe that I have gained significant experience to share. Since I started my career in this field I have been actively involved in education and promoting addiction field. I did try to have significant contribution to my field of interest especially by being and active advocate, speaker and distinguished teacher.

During last 10 years I have been actively involved in education in multiple levels from medical learners, junior and senior residents as well as addiction fellows (both family medicine and psychiatry).

At the same time, I was trying to promote addiction in other fields and trying to have an active role to make it recognized as an important aspect of the day to day practice in almost all fields of medicine which would need collaborative approach to achieve the best results.

I have been working actively in destigmatizing addiction.

I think working on promoting addiction in all levels from education, to practice as well as policy making would be the priorities that should be worked on.

I am very much interested on working in education particularly knowledge sharing and exploring different modalities to excel awareness, contribution and collaborative care.

2. How would your election benefit ASAM and the field of addiction medicine?

I hope that by being elected as Regional Director of Region IX, I would be able to have an active and promoting role by sharing my experience in this field.

I could envision contributing to education, promoting addiction and working on more collaborative approaches in different levels from local and national to international levels.

One of my main goals would be exploring all the possibilities for making stronger inter regional connections particularly Canada / international region with the other parts of ASAM.

Promoting addiction education and knowledge exchange would be one of my priorities.

Further promotion of ASAM as the most distinguished body in addiction field in an international level would be my other goal to work on.

Biographical Sketch

Since 2009, Psychiatrist and Addiction specialist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and Assistant Professor for the Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. I completed medical school at Tehran Medical School, Iran (1996) and psychiatry at Iran Medical School, Iran (2005), 2 year fellowship in addiction Psychiatry at the University of Toronto (2006-2007) and a one year residency at Queens University in Kingston (2008).