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2018 Election Opens Nov 1 - 21, 2018

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The ASAM election process is important, and we encourage all eligible members to exercise their right to vote for the 2019 - 2021 slate of candidates. There are ten seats open, with one seat reserved for a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. In accordance with ASAM bylaws, the Nomination & Awards Council has placed the following names in contention for the indicated offices for the 2019 -2021 term, beginning April 8, 2019.

Below is the slate of candidates for the 2018 election for the 2019 - 2021 ASAM Board of Directors, including links to each of their biographies and statements.

Board Executive Officers


William F. Haning, III, MD, DFAPA, DFASAM - biography and statement
Brian Hurley, MD, MBA, DFASAM - biography and statement


Margaret A.E. Jarvis, MD, DFASAM - biography and statement
Yngvild K. Olsen, MD, MPH, FASAM - biography and statement 


Kenneth I. Freedman, MD, MS, MBA, FACP, DFASAM - biography and statement
Shawn Ryan, MD, MBA, FASAM - biography and statement


Anthony P. Albanese, MD, DFASAM - biography and statement
Jeffrey A. Selzer, MD, DFASAM - biography and statement


Anthony P. Albanese, MD, DFASAM - biography and statement
Brent E. Boyett, DO, DMD, FASAM - biography and statement
Itai Danovitch, MD, MBA, FAPA, DFASAMbiography and statement
Adam J. Gordon, MD, MPH, FACP, DFASAMbiography and statement
Brian Hurley, MD, MBA, DFASAMbiography and statement
Frank P. James, MD, JDbiography and statement
Margaret A.E. Jarvis, MD, DFASAMbiography and statement
Edward A. Jouney, DO, FASAMbiography and statement
Paul Katz, DO, FACA, FASAMbiography and statement
Marla D. Kushner, DO, FSAHM, FACOFP, DFASAMbiography and statement
Cara A. Poland, MD, MEd, DFASAMbiography and statement
Shawn Ryan, MD, MBA, FASAMbiography and statement
Timothy Wiegand, MD, FACMT, FAACT, DFASAMbiography and statement

Cast Your Vote

Eligible voters received a personalized log-in code via email on November 1st, from Everyone Counts, if you have not received your personalized log-in code, please check your spam filters, or contact ASAM’s office at 301.656.3920.

If you require technical assistance with the voting process, please send an email to helpdesk@everyonecounts.com.