The Journal of Addiction Medicine Welcome Three New Editorial Fellows

January 14, 2021
JAM Editor-In-Chief Richard Saitz recently announced the selection of the Journal’s three Fellow Editors: Benjamin Han, MD, Patience Moyo, PhD, and Marcela Smid, MD. "Each Fellow brings a different specialty within addiction medicine, and this will help JAM focus on a broader range of topics with more expertise," Saitz said.
The Journal editors said they had a difficult time selecting just two fellows because of the large number of highly competitive applicants. "Given the significant increase in Journal submissions, the stress COVID-19 has put on our co-editors, and number of excellent candidates, we decided to add a third Fellow to the program."
"Outgoing Fellows, Drs. Allison Lin and Ben Oldfield were a very important part of the JAM editorial team. We will miss working with them but are happy to know that they both plan to continue work on publications in the addiction medicine field," Saitz said. "We thank them for their hard work and wish them the best."


Benjamin Han MD, MPH

Benjamin Han MD, MPH is a geriatrician and an Assistant Professor in the Division of Geriatrics, Gerontology, and Palliative Care at the University of California San Diego and a primary care physician at the San Diego VA. His research focuses on integrating the principles of geriatric medicine, addiction medicine, and harm reduction to improve the health of adults living with substance use disorders and co-occurring chronic medical diseases. He is currently funded by NIDA through a K23 career development award to research implementing geriatric interventions into opioid treatment programs for older adults with opioid use disorder.

Patience Moyo, PhD 

Patience Moyo, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice at the Brown University School of Public Health where she is affiliated with the Center for Gerontology and Healthcare Research. She is trained as a pharmaceutical health services and policy researcher and has experience conducting observational studies using large healthcare databases. Her interests broadly pertain to pain management, prevention and treatment of substance use disorders, and related policies. Some of her current research focuses on the use of opioid, non-opioid and non-pharmacologic treatment options for chronic pain, and post-acute and long-term care use by people with opioid use disorders.

Marcela Smid MD, MA, MS

Marcela Smid MD, MA, MS is a board-certified Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Addiction Medicine physician at the University of Utah. She is the medical director of the Substance Use & Pregnancy – Recovery, Addiction, Dependence (SUPeRAD) specialty prenatal clinic. She was an NIH K12Women’s Reproductive Health Research (WRHR) Program scholar. Her research focus is on perinatal addiction, care models for pregnant and postpartum women with substance use disorders, maternal mortality, and maternal mental health.