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COSAM Submits Comments in Support of Increased Insurance Reporting Requirements

by | February 23, 2021


On February 23, the Colorado Society of Addiction Medicine (COSAM) submitted comments on the Colorado Division of Insurance (DOI) Proposed New Regulation 4-2-7X. This regulation would implement stringent reporting requirements on insurers in Colorado which are intended to improve the DOI’s ability to judge the network adequacy of insurers when covering treatment for substance use disorders (SUD). This new regulation will provide DOI with powerful data, both for judging the network adequacy of various insurers, and for ensuring that all plans in the state are in compliance with the federal parity law.


COSAM’s comments expressed strong support for the regulation, while also noting opportunities for improvement. Specifically, COSAM recommended two changes that would empower regulators to better understand the buprenorphine prescribing capacity of clinicians within a network. Furthermore, another element of the regulation could be refined to provide regulators with a better understanding of the various medications covered by the insurer. Finally, COSAM requested that one section be refined to require more information on the prior authorization practices of insurers.


Read the letter here.


Read the Proposed New Regulation here.