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After Four Years, Dr. Richard Soper Steps Down as Editor-in-Chief of ASAM Weekly

by ASAM Staff | December 19, 2014

ASAM regrets to announce that after over four years of exemplary leadership Richard G. Soper, MD, JD, MS, FASAM, FACP, ABAM Diplomate, will be stepping down from the position of Editor-in-Chief of ASAM Weekly to focus on issues affecting his home state of Tennessee.

Dr. Soper led the creation of ASAM Weekly in 2011 as a comprehensive addiction and society newsletter that would be delivered electronically every Tuesday to ASAM members, working closely with ASAM’s Publications Council and Staff. 

“Dr. Soper was key to the development of ASAM Weekly. He had a great eye for the newsletter concept, helping lead the development of the entire product, touching everything from advertising arrangements to the creation of content categories that would ultimately organize the delivery of news to subscribers,” said Dr. Lori Karan, Publications Council Chair.

In his tenure, ASAM Weekly grew from 3,000 readers to over 16,000 subscribers. Since its launch, the newsletter has consistently delivered content every Tuesday that achieves and maintains high readership and engagement. 

“This high-quality content makes ASAM Weekly something members seek every week is the result of Dr. Soper’s often daily scrutiny of breaking addiction news and research,” said ASAM President, Dr. Stuart Gitlow. 

ASAM members have continually praised the ASAM Weekly newsletter as a key benefit of ASAM membership and as a tool that allows ASAM to increase the reach of its messages and convey its voice to the medical field at large.  

“It has been an honor serving as Editor-in-Chief these past years,” said Dr. Soper. “I’m very excited to see ASAM Weekly’s continued development and future growth.” 

Dr. Soper’s last edited issue will be a “top ten” recap of the most read issues from 2014 that will be released on January 7. In the interim, the ASAM Publications Council will offer content oversight and guidance. An official search for Editor-in-Chief will begin in the New Year. ASAM is grateful and indebted to Dr. Soper for his dedication and consistent work on ASAM Weekly.