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Journal of Addiction Medicine Table of Contents, September/October Issue

by Magazine Staff | October 15, 2013



Original Research


Meaning and Methadone: Patient Perceptions of Methadone Dose and a Model to Promote Adherence to Maintenance Treatment Sanders, Justin J.; Roose, Robert J.; Lubrano, Michael C.; Lucan, Sean C.

Prediction of Alcohol and Gambling Problems in Young Adults by Using a Measure of Decision Making
Harvanko, Arit M.; Schreiber, Liana R.N.; Grant, Jon E.

A Unique Model for Treating Chronic Hepatitis C in Patients With Psychiatric Disorders, Substance Abuse, and/or Housing Instability
Ho, Cheryl J.; Preston, Charles; Fredericks, Kim; Doorley, Sara L.; Kramer, Richard J.; Kwan, Lawrence; Kamal, Ahmad

Gender Differences in Substance Abuse Treatment and Barriers to Care Among Persons With Substance Use Disorders With and Without Comorbid Major Depression
Chen, Lian-Yu; Strain, Eric C.; Crum, Rosa M.; Mojtabai, Ramin

Associations Among Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis Function, Novelty Seeking, and Retention in Methadone Maintenance Therapy for Heroin Dependency
Lin, Shih-Hsien; Chen, Wei Tseng; Chen, Kao Chin; Lee, Sheng-Yu; Lee, I. Hui; Chen, Po See; Yeh, Tzung Lieh; Lu, Ru-Band; Yang, Yen Kuang

A Study of 6-Year Retention in Methadone Maintenance Treatment Among Opioid-Dependent Patients in Xi'an
Wei, Xiaoli; Wang, Lirong; Wang, Xueliang; Li, Jinsong; Li, Hengxin; Jia, Wei

Reasons for Misuse of Prescription Medication Among Physicians Undergoing Monitoring by a Physician Health Program
Merlo, Lisa J.; Singhakant, Supachoke; Cummings, Simone M.; Cottler, Linda B.

Comparative Safety of Benzodiazepines and Opioids Among Veterans Affairs Patients With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Hawkins, Eric J.; Malte, Carol A.; Grossbard, Joel; Saxon, Andrew J.; Imel, Zac E.; Kivlahan, Daniel R.

Characteristics of an Outpatient Treatment Sample by Primary Substance of Abuse
Campbell, Aimee N.C.; Nunes, Edward V.; McClure, Erin A.; Hu, Mei-Chen; Turrigiano, Eva; Goldman, Bruce; Stabile, Patricia Q.


Letter to the Editor


Impact of 5-HTTLPR Polymorphism on Alexithymia in Alcoholic Patients After Detoxification Treatment
Mandelli, Laura; Marangoni, Ciro; Liappas, Ioannis; Albani, Diego; Forloni, Gianluigi; Piperi, Christina; Zisaki, Aikaterini; Tzavellas, Elias O.; Rodilossi, Serena; Batelli, Sara; Biella, Gloria; Balestri, Martina; Kalofoutis, Anastasios; De Ronchi, Diana; Serretti, Alessandro


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