COVID-19 - Reopening


While many places across the country are starting to relax physical distancing restrictions, the COVID-19 pandemic is not over. Communities and treatment programs across the country remain at risk for increasing population prevalence over time. Providers and programs should continue to implement policies and procedures to reduce the risk for coronavirus transmission, based on national scientific guidance and informed by the available data and guidance in their state and local areas. In addition, clinicians and clinical programs should prepare for  potential spikes in transmission in their community and program. Programs and providers should consider:

  1. Maintaining or implementing an incident command structure to prepare for and address any issues that arise due to COVID-19
  2. Reviewing current infection control processes, including the extent to which staff and patients are adhering to them.
  3. Assessing what worked well in your initial response and where there may be room for improvement, updating related policies and procedures as needed.
  4. Assessing your program or practices’ potential needs related to:

Personal protective equipment and other supplies needed to control and mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

  • Staff training
  • Staff support
  • Technology to support telehealth
  • Addressing the  evolving phases of the epidemic and how to prepare for the next stages in your community.

Updated 6.26,2020