American Society of Addiciton Medicine

Board of Directors


Board of Directors

Emily Brunner, MD, DFASAM

Candidate for Secretary

Dr. Brunner is board-certified in family medicine and a distinguished fellow in the field of addiction medicine. She has experience treating addiction in both inpatient and outpatient settings. She is an experienced speaker and specializes in trauma-informed clinical treatment of substance use disorders with a comprehensive and compassionate approach.

Dr. Brunner has been involved in leadership of the Minnesota Society of Addiction Medicine and is now on the national board of the American Society of Addiction. She is a passionate advocate for improving the care of patients with substance use disorder across the healthcare system, and specifically in advocating for increased utilization of medications for opioid use disorder across all levels of care.

She has also been recognized as a Top Doctor for addiction medicine by Minnesota Magazine in 2020 and 2021. She is medical director of Gateway Recovery and Recovering Hope and does trainings on behalf of Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation.

Dr. Brunner also has a strong interest in treatment of internet gaming disorder as well as gambling disorder.


Candidate Questionnaire Response


1. What have been your greatest contributions to ASAM or to the field of addiction medicine over the last 10 years?

Dr. Brunner has been the treasurer and president of the Minnesota chapter of ASAM and is currently on the national board of directors representing her region. She has served on multiple committees for the organization, including the designated fellow’s selection committee and the methodology subcommittee for developing clinical guidelines.

Dr. Brunner has also been a strong advocate in her community for improved treatment of patients with substance use disorders and has advocated for reduced barriers to care at both the state and national level. Dr. Brunner has three children and is very interested in primary prevention for younger age groups, including improved education regarding the importance of supporting children with adverse childhood experiences.

Dr. Brunner has also been extremely interested in focusing attention on internet gaming disorder, and improving potential treatments in this area, as well as gambling disorder.

2. How would your election to the ASAM Board of Directors benefit ASAM and the field of addiction medicine?

Dr. Brunner is very interested in translation of evidence into clinically useful skills that can benefit both providers and patients. To that end, she has been very focused on the deaths of despair, and how the rise of these deaths relate to public health policy choices. Being part of ASAM is an unparalleled platform of advocacy for addressing the inequity and lack of resources which worsen outcomes for our patients.

Dr. Brunner is also concerned about advocating for sustainable funding models that allow for substance use disorder treatment to be a service maintained within larger health systems as a core service, not a grant-funded optional service that is added and cut at will. It is her firm belief that for addiction to attract sufficient providers, we need to help advocate for elevated reimbursement for both primary care and specialty addiction services.