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Competency Based Medical Education: Treating Addiction in LGBTQ Patients


Several experts provide an overview of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, sex development and health, as relevant to addiction medicine clinicians and care providers.


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The Relevance of Twelve-Step Recovery in 21st Century Addiction Medicine

Is Twelve-Step Recovery an antiquated concept or intervention? Much of "what's new" in the professional treatment of addiction involves new pharmacological therapies.

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  • 02/13/2015

    Research Review: Alcohol Treatment Medications

    Three medications – disulfiram, acamprosate and naltrexone – are currently approved for treating addiction with alcohol. However, while these medications are effective in subsets of patients, many do not respond to these interventions, and recent research has investigated the causes for such variability.

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  • 02/13/2015

    The Appalachian Addiction & Prescription Drug Abuse Conference

    The annual Appalachian Addiction & Prescription Drug Abuse Conference was held in Charleston, West Virginia October 23-25, 2014. This was the third conference of its type held since the inception of the licensure board’s three-hour CME Best Practices Prescribing of Controlling Substances required education.