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Targeting the Brain Stress System to Treat Addiction


Recent research has focused on the negative effects of addiction, using animal models to understand the mechanism of negative reinforcement and translating these results into human treatment studies.


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Action Requested: Support The TREAT Act

The Recovery Enhancement for Addiction Treatment (TREAT) Act would immediately expand patient access to effective addiction treatment by increasing the number of patients a provider is initially allowed to treat per year and removing the patient cap after one year for qualified physicians.

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Education & Training

  • 06/11/2015

    Dr. Anna Lembke Represents ASAM at PCORI Workshop

    Workshop participants prioritized comparative effectiveness research questions addressing the long-term use of opioids for chronic pain. An estimated 100 million Americans live with chronic pain.

Government Affairs

  • 03/26/2015

    ASAM Releases Report on Performance Measures for Addiction Specialist Physicians

    ASAM announces the release of its report on “Performance Measures for the Addiction Specialist Physician” that establishes much needed benchmarks for addiction related care. Drafted by a diverse panel of researchers, academicians and performance measure experts, the document describes nine measures that address key areas of concern in health care delivery which, when implemented, will have the potential to improve patient and health care outcomes.


  • 06/10/2015

    CTSAM Co-sponsors 4th Annual ASAM Educational

    On May 13th 2015, residents and fellows in the Connecticut region competed in the finals of the 4th Annual ASAM Educational, an event which is co-sponsored by the Connecticut Chapter of American Society of Addiction Medicine, The Combined Rushford, Yale ABAM Fellowship Journal Club and the Connecticut State Medical Society.


  • 05/01/2015

    Sanjay Gupta is Wrong About Medical Marijuana

    The current movement gaining momentum toward unrestricted legalization of “medical” smoked or edible crude marijuana, as well as the unrestricted legalization of marijuana for any purpose, will harm this nation