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ASAM Criteria Software Plenary Outlines Impending Product Launch
Brendan McEntee

A plenary at the Addiction Health Services Research Conference covers more than 20 research papers on The ASAM Criteria Software.

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Cocaine Vaccine: Research Review
Diana Martinez, MD, and Pierre Trifilieff, PhD

There are still no FDA approved medications for cocaine despite many clinical trials that have tested potential treatments. Recent research has instead focused on developing an anti-cocaine vaccine.

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Education & Training

  • 10/14/2014

    Balancing Benefits and Risks: Opioid Analgesics

    The misuse and abuse of extended release and long-acting (ER/LA) opioid medications are urgent public health problems that clinicians who prescribe these drugs can help address by learning safer prescribing, medication management, and patient and family counseling practices.

Government Affairs

  • 10/14/2014

    ASAM Updates Report on Medicaid Coverage of Addiction Treatments

    ASAM contracted the Treatment Research Institute (TRI) to update a June 2013 ASAM Patient Advocacy Task Force (PATF) survey and research report on insurance coverage of opioid addiction medications. The report assesses how Medicaid coverage of opioid addiction pharmacotherapies, both medication and counseling, across the United States, has changed over the last year.


  • 10/02/2014

    Max A. Schneider, MD, FASAM, Former ASAM President has Passed Away

    Max A. Schneider, MD, FASAM former President of ASAM passed away Sunday, September 28. He was 92 years old. Dr. Schneider was known to many in the medical community as one of the founding fathers of training and education in the field of addiction medicine. He dedicated his life to advocating for improvements in addiction education and authored numerous publications and films on the subject of alcoholism. He had a long career as a practitioner and as an instructor. His accomplishments were recognized with awards from the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the California Medical Association.


  • 08/11/2014

    E-Cigarettes and Patients

    Since the introduction of electronic cigarettes (dubbed “electronic nicotine delivery systems” or “ENDS” by the World Health Organization) in 2003 to the world marketplace, their use has exploded. Currently, ENDS have a significant portion of the market...