Selective Inhibition Shows Promise as Marijuana Treatment
Diana Martinez, MD and Pierre Trifilieff, PhD

A promising treatment option for addiction to marijuana may emerge through selective inhibition of a specific signaling pathway in the brain.

Medicaid Coverage Map

State Medicaid Coverage of Addiction Treatment in the US
Beth Haynes

To help further knowledge of current care coverage, ASAM has produced two-page state fact sheets that summarize Medicaid coverage of both medication and counseling addiction treatment.

Breaking News

  • 9/22/2014

    ASAM Revises Use of Naloxone Public Policy Statement

    ASAM’s statement was revised in response to increased public awareness concerning the use of naloxone and outlines how the immediate availability and use of naloxone can prevent needless overdose deaths.

Education & Training

Government Affairs

  • 07/15/2014

    ASAM Lauds ONDCP's 2014 National Drug Control Strategy Focus on Opioid Epidemic

    ASAM supports the ONDCP’s continued focus on addiction prevention, treatment and recovery. In particular, ASAM is pleased that this year’s plan includes policies that would support increased use of FDA-approved medications to treat opioid use disorders and wider availability of naloxone to reverse opioid overdoses.


  • 08/13/2014

    Speaking for Addiction in the AMA

    ASAM Member Dr. Todd Kammerzelt writes about his experience serving on the American Medical Association's Young Physician Section and the opportunity to educate colleagues about addiction


  • 07/07/2014

    Editorial: Tobacco Still Leading Preventable Cause of Death

    According to the latest surgeon general's report, smoking has killed more than 20 million people since the first report was issued. Two and a half million of those people were nonsmokers who died from breathing secondhand smoke.