Provider's Clinical Support System for Medication-Assisted Treatment 

PCSS-MAT is a collaborative effort led by American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry (AAAP) in partnership with: American Osteopathic Academy of Addiction Medicine (AOAAM), American Psychiatric Association (APA) and American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). PCSS-MAT is a national training and mentoring project developed in response to the prescription opioid misuse epidemic and the availability of pharmacotherapies to address opioid use disorder.  The overarching goal of PCSS-MAT is to make available the most effective medication-assisted treatments to serve patients in a variety of settings, including primary care, psychiatric care, substance use disorder treatment, and pain management settings. For more information, click here.

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Online modules are provided at no cost. This is a resource designed to:

  • Enhance prescribers’ and other health professionals’ knowledge, skills and attitudes regarding safe and effective use of medication assisted treatment of opioid use disorder; and
  • Increase the flexibility of approaches for providers working in traditional treatment models to allow implementation of the medical model of addiction management, recognizing the importance of pharmacotherapy as the most effective strategy to prevent relapse to opioid use disorder.

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PCSS-MAT Mentors are a national network of trained providers with expertise in medication-assisted treatment and addictions, are skilled in clinical education, and have been selected to participate in the program.

PCSS-MAT provides ongoing mentoring programs aimed at improving providers confidence in treating opioid use disorder. The PCSS-MAT program is designed to assist providers in incorporating the use of medications for prescription opioid addicted patients in their practices. The mentoring program is available, at no cost to providers. PCSS-MAT mentors are a national network of trained providers with expertise in medication-assisted treatment and skilled in clinical education. Mentors provide support by telephone, email, or in person if logistically possible.

This is not a program to offer medical advice about specific patients. Rather, this program is designed for experts to offer general information to clinicians about evidence-based clinical practices in prescribing medications for opioid addiction. This resource program is one component of a large program of education and mentoring services for providers.

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Webinars are provided at no cost and include CME unless otherwise noted.

Webinars address a wide range of topics and are archived for on demand viewing.

Funding for this initiative was made possible (in part) by Providers' Clinical Support System for Medication Assisted Treatment (grant nos. 5U79TI024697 and 1U79TI026556) from SAMHSA. The views expressed in written conference materials or publications and by speakers and moderators do not necessarily reflect the official policies of the Department of Health and Human Services; nor does mention of trade names, commercial practices, or organizations imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.